Trends & Styling Tips

New age saree

Saree is not a trans seasonal garment and it transcend the boundaries of race and class.Kudos to a new set of designers and celebraties for reimagining and refurbishing,breathing a new life into traditional saree.

Tip—– ‘Don’t fit in stand out’ .Wear oxidized tribal silver jewellery with your casual/hand woven saree and take the look to an all together different level.

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Trends & Styling Tips


Red and white is a instant fashion language. It’s hard to ignore,has an in your face attitude and often kicks the gallery at the right spot.

Tip —- It has a right amount of the over the top exuberance,so let it be the focal point and keep your beauty look and accessories to minimal and nude.

Conclusion—- For instant Glamour with least amount of effort.

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Trends & Styling Tips


Polka dots are back with a bang ,trends come and go but one staple mainstay are polka dots. What is about this monochromatic style that defy age ,colour ,trends and even years.

They are classy ,chic ,sophisticated and for me the list is endless.These dalmatian dots help woman look stylish with least amt of effort and they can also take you from office to anywhere.You can wear them for any occasion under the sun ,from official meeting to wedding,from beach to dinner dates.For that chic style statement pair them with pearls ,lastly but not least for that evening diva look don the red paint on your pout and nails and see the magic.

Trends & Styling Tips


There is a very fine line between wearing an out-of -the -box look and wearing a weird look and trust me it’s not an easy task to balance on this tight rope.Immense confidence,ability to take risk is paramount if u want to stand out in a herd and then, an independent take on style is another must have ingredient.When you style an obi belt with a saree ,coat with a sharara or a distress denim saree with sneakers you are defying stereotypes and creating a new bolder version .walking on an off beaten path is all about out-of-the-box dressing.

Trends & Styling Tips



It all begins with a humble colour ,the first thing we notice about any garment is the colour and it’s impact is immediate and long lasting .If you are wearing colours of the season you can never go wrong,the right colour can make or break a garment.Colour forecasting set the ball rolling in world of fashion.Taking cues from celebrities at the red carpet ,the new summer collection include a colour palette packed with bright and bold pinks,green and yellow.Different shades of pink (bright ,soft ,nude) are definitely on the top of style barometer .

If fashion were a song ,colour would be melody and that’s the marvel of colour.

Trends & Styling Tips


Rainbow stripes are so omnipresent this summers .This spring trend is here to brighten our dull sunny days.It’s a full on spectrum of colour for rainbow inspired skirts ,statement making striped dresses and even accessories. For that revamp for hot summer days there is no better way to brighten up your look than with rainbow hued pieces.