Layering like no one’s else business.

Layering can instantly elevate any casual outfit to a formal ensemble. A word of caution, added layers means added volume.

Tread carefully, material and length of that Cape, jacket or wrap will have direct impact on volume of your final look.


Use of light, flirty material is advised for capes.

The length of jacket which is usually of stiff material, ideally should not cross your knees.

Opt for fuss free hair-do and less accessories route.

Source—– Instagram Pinterest.

Trends & Styling Tips


With less pressure to confirm and experimenting being the mantra of the new rule book of style and fashion, the humble crop top can surely be a game changer, especially if you want to ace a contemporary look.

Certain occassions demand traditional dressing which can be bulky, overexposed and taking the beaten route, antidote, a crop top.

Team the crop top with a lehenga, saree, dhotipants or plazzo and presto you get a stylish, flighty, fresh and innovative ensemble.


Skip the heavy traditional duppata.

Team the contemporary ensemble with light weight fusion jewellery. Avoid heavy traditional jewellery .

Source- instagram pinterest