style barometer


Let’s check which celebrity has channelised her inner glamour and who has not fared so well on our STYLE BAROMETER. 🤩 or 🤔 and a quick fix for the failed looks can’t be far behind.
The monotone hybrid pant suit is giving “hey,something is missing” vibes. Add pulled back sleeves to this structured jacket and presto! the look is complete and balanced.
This burgundy double layered peplum is not only adding volume to the structure but also attracting undue attention . A single peplum with proportionate length would definitely notch up this otherwise striking anarkali.
Overdose of checkered print and matchy matchy accessories are making the look so dated.

The size and placement of the bow is clashing with the puffed over sized sleeves leading to an off balance gown. Bow seems to be an afterthought.

Source—- Instagram.