style barometer


Let’s browse through this week’s style barometer. Who was on the top of their fashion game and who failed to inspire us. 🤩 or 🤔. Check out the quick fix solutions for the failed looks.
Roman styled sandals are not in sync with this, an other wise lovely peppy checkered summer dress. White ballerina shoes or silletoes would have worked better for this dress.
Accessories can make or break a look, here the broad choker is definitely a spoiler. A statement ring or a bracelet would have complimented the ensemble better.
With lots happening on neck and shoulder of this saree tuxedo, why complicate the look further with a broad neck piece, let those exquisite shoulders do the talking. The tiny black bindi is also out of sync.
Leather on leather look can be very tricky. With cropped pants the look is outdated and kind of not happening.

Sourse—- Instagram.